Rain and Thunder is a grassroots publication created and distributed by a collective of radical feminist women. Published three times a year, Rain and Thunder brings you the very best in radical feminist news, analysis, theory, community building, and activism.

Rain and Thunder has been published for over 18 years and continues to fill a much needed gap in the realm of independent feminist media. We offer a sliding scale subscription policy to ensure affordability and accessibility for all readers.

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Recent Issues

Issue 73 (Fall 2019): Open Issue

Featured articles:
  • Why I Speak Up: Young Women, Radical Feminism and Silence by Ianka Mitchell-Conway
  • Standing Rock: An Epic Battle for Mother Earth by Rena Grasso
  • My Heart Was Ripped Out: Domestic Violence and the Shattering of Motherhood by Kalena
  • #SpaceWoC: Women of Color Against the Sex Trade by Claire Heuchan
  • Preserving Bay Area Lesbian Legacies -- A Rain and Thunder Interview with Bay Area Lesbian Archives Members Lenn Keller and Rebecca Silverstein
  • Our Country Women, Our Sisters: Sex, Sexism, and the Enslavement of Human (Re)Production by Donovan Cleckley
  • Where Has All the Feminism Gone? Teaching Contemporary Women's and Gender Studies by Batya Weinbaum
  • Women-In-Print: The Face of Radical Feminism -- Part 2 by Beth Dingman

Issue 72 (Summer 2019): Themed Issue on Global Feminism

Featured articles:
  • The Radical Power of Online Radical Feminist Movements in South Korea by Jimin Nam
  • Feminist Uprising: Radical Feminist Organizing in South Korea -- A Rain and Thunder Interview with Hyejung Park, Jihye Kuk, and Caroline Norma
  • War Games: The Many Guises of Male Brutality by Thain Parnell
  • Fighting Period Poverty and Increasing the Knowledge of Girls in Kenya by Lorna Wanyama
  • The Fight Against Sexual Violence: What We Can Learn from the Women's Revolution in Syria by Rahila Gupta
  • Australia's Pathwork of Prostitution Laws: Combatting the Sex Trade and Advocating for the Nordic Model by the Coalition Against Trafficking in Women Australia
  • La Porta: A Land for Women in Italy -- A Rain and Thunder Interview with La Porta Members Ana Cuenca and Cecilia Diotto