Rain and Thunder is a grassroots publication created and distributed by a collective of radical feminist women. Published three times a year, Rain and Thunder brings you the very best in radical feminist news, analysis, theory, community building, and activism.

Rain and Thunder has been published for over 13 years and continues to fill a much needed gap in the realm of independent feminist media. We offer a sliding scale subscription policy to ensure affordability and accessibility for all readers.

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Recent Issues

Issue 58 (Winter/Spring 2014): Feminist Humor Issue

Featured articles:
  • The Power of Women’s Humor: From Supreme Court Justices to Comedy Stars by Regina Barreca
  • When Wisdom Speaks Sparks Fly: Raging Grannies Perform Humor as Protest by Carole Roy
  • Jan Eliot at 60, Stone Soup at 18: A Cartoonist Profile by Roz Warren
  • Got Humor? Tools and Inspiration for Your Activist Toolkit by Mary McClintock
  • Humor: It’s An Attitude — A Rain and Thunder Interview with Lesbian Comic Kate Clinton
  • Antidote to Dominance: Women’s Laughter as Counteraction by Nancy Reincke
  • Who Says Radical Feminists Aren’t Funny? A Glimpse of Activism from the 1980’s by Ann J. Simonton

Issue 57 (Fall 2013): Open Issue

Featured articles:
  • DHS, Give Us Back Our Children: Feminists Organizing to Protect Children From Child Protective Services by Pat Gowens
  • Dedevilled Words: Reading the Radical Feminist Poetry of Meena Kandasamy by Sutapa Chaudhuri
  • The Trafficking of Native Women in Minnesota by Christine Stark
  • Trayvon and George: Why This Case Is Really About Women by Kelly Macías
  • Unleashing the Lesbian Imagination: A Rain and Thunder Interview with Playwright Carolyn Gage
  • Women in Resistance: Seeking Justice for Genocide and Defending Our Lands by Dianne Post