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Rain and Thunder welcomes women’s writing from radical feminist perspectives and writing that contributes to radical feminist ideas. We are interested in theory, opinion, strategy, action updates, event and conference write-ups, news, reviews, and information about upcoming events. Artwork, cartoons, and photos are also welcome.

Please do not send originals or only copies. Contributions can be sent by mail to Rain and Thunder, PO Box 674, Northampton, MA 01061 or by e-mail to rainandthunder@yahoo.com.

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Call for Contributions

Issue #34: On Women’s Writing and Literature

What women’s writing has changed your life? How does writing in your life shape or sustain your politics and activism? What obstacles do radical feminist writers face? How can we support and assist each other in writing and publishing our stories and our work? How do women record their life experiences if they don’t have access to writing or literacy? How do oral traditions play a part? What is the role of archives in uncovering or restoring women’s and feminist herstory? What books are missing from the shelves of the feminist library (and when are you going to write them?!)? If you were to have every woman read three books what would they be and why? What books have you been reading? Write a book review! Send us your words!

Deadline: March 5, 2007

Issue #35: On Spinsterhood

Feminists have devoted much discussion to the topics of feminist motherhood and feminism and marriage, but the issues facing feminists who, by choice or by happenstance, do not have children or a life partner are often ignored. What is feminist spinsterhood? How does one become a spinster? What are the cultural representations of spinsters? Do Lesbians and women of color face different issues as spinsters? At what age does one become a spinster, and does the answer to that question mean that all spinsters face ageism? What are the caretaking needs of old spinsters, and how can we as a community care for one another if we choose not to have children or primary sexual relationships? Contribute your celebrations and explorations of the solitary feminist woman.

Deadline: June 5, 2007

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