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Call for Contributions

Issue #74: Themed Issue on Women's Self-Defense

Deadline: December 15, 2019

The Rain and Thunder Collective will be collaborating with self defense instructor, Kim Rivers, to produce Issue #74 on Women's Self Defense. The issue will examine how women defend themselves and work to stay safe and strong while living under patriarchy and in response to multiple oppressions and struggles; the larger issues and realities that self defense seeks to address; and the various tools self defense gives women to bring about more safety, autonomy, and freedom for themselves individually and collectively.

Questions to consider for the issue: What does self defense mean to you? How have you used self defense to protect and defend yourself? How has learning self defense transformed you? What are the barriers to defending one's self or one's community and how do we work to overcome those barriers? What does safety, bodily autonomy and freedom from violence look like for you? How do we strengthen and broaden the women's self defense movement?

"Self defense can and does make us safer. It is not just about learning physical techniques designed to stop an attack, though that's an important aspect. It is equally about developing strategies of self-care, which elevates our sense of self-worth. It's about valuing ourselves and ultimately others to nurture the relationships and communities we want to live in." --Kim Rivers