Writer's Guidelines

Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism welcomes women’s writing from radical feminist perspectives and writing that contributes to radical feminist ideas. We are interested in theory, opinion, strategy, action updates, event and conference write-ups, news, reviews, and information about upcoming events. Artwork, cartoons, and photos are also welcome.

Please do not send originals or only copies. Contributions can be sent by mail to Rain and Thunder, PO Box 674, Northampton, MA 01061 or by e-mail to rainandthunder@yahoo.com.

Call for Contributions

Issue #71: Open Issue with Special Feature Celebrating Rain and Thunder’s 20th Anniversary!

Deadline: October 15, 2018

Send us what you’ve got! We want your political and creative writing, artwork, poetry, actions, conference reports, and more!

Additionally, send us your thoughts and reflections on what Rain and Thunder has meant to you over the years. How has R&T helped you survive and stay sane as a radical feminist? What issues, topics and features in R&T have been most memorable and thought-provoking? Why is R&T, in particular, and radical feminist publishing, in general, important and valuable? What would you like to see in future issues of R&T? What wishes, visions, hopes, and ideas do you have for R&T? How do we help our radical feminist and lesbian feminist spaces and platforms survive, thrive, and grow? Share your thoughts, ideas and celebratory words with us!