Get Involved!

Rain and Thunder: A Radical Feminist Journal of Discussion and Activism needs your support to keep publishing and thriving! There are numerous ways in which you can take part and help out.

  • Subscribe.
  • Get your friends gift subscriptions.
  • Renew your subscription early.
  • Post and distribute flyers for Rain and Thunder on campuses, libraries, cafes, on kiosks, at bookstores, and other public places.
  • Table and spread the word about Rain and Thunder at conferences, festivals, gatherings, and other events.
  • Help us get Rain and Thunder stocked at bookstores, libraries and other venues.
  • Send us news clippings.
  • Share your voice with Rain and Thunder. Send us your articles, essays, reviews, action reports, interviews, artwork and more!
  • Host a movie benefit or other kind of event and send us the proceeds.
  • Include an ad for Rain and Thunder in print and on-line publications.
  • Review Rain and Thunder for a local newsletter or journal.
  • Circulate information about Rain and Thunder to various listservs, blogs, and online groups.
  • Include a link to Rain and Thunder on your website.
  • Make a tax-deductible financial contribution.
  • We are in need of grantwriters to assist us in writing grant proposals to help Rain and Thunder grow and expand our readership and circulation base.
  • Include a bequest to Rain and Thunder in your will.
  • Insert your creative idea here!

Please contact us if you're interested in helping out in a more direct, hands-on way with the production of the journal.

For those interested in flyering and/or tabling, we can provide flyers, brochures, and other materials. Or feel free to utilize the pdf flyers and brochures attached on this page.

Thank you for supporting Rain and Thunder!